About Us

Recent advances in information and telecommunications have changed the way services are delivered around the globe, and the field of medicine has been no exception. Telehealth and telemedicine are now one of the fastest-growing medical sectors worldwide. Telemedicine, the delivery of healthcare services through telecommunications technology does not substitute the classic relationship between physicians and patients but adds value and make that relationship richer and more collaborative. Cross-border video-consultations, tele-monitoring and remote robotic surgery are examples of the potential for telehealth to revolutionize the delivery of healthcare.


Tele-Med International (TMI), was founded in 2008 in direct response to this emerging trend. Through partnerships with premier local, regional and international health care providers and utilization of state-of-the-art technology, TMI provides telehealth services that enable dynamic healthcare transactions at the local, regional and international levels.


TMI intends to develop the largest patient-centric telehealth network in the region. TMI’s suite of innovative telehealth solutions marks a major transformation in healthcare delivery, allowing doctors and patients to connect virtually anytime, anywhere; eliminating the time and cost of travel, and allowing residents of underserved rural, suburban and urban communities across the Middle East and Africa to connect with highly qualified physicians and specialists to receive the care they need.

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TMI “Your TeleHealth Gateway” provide patients with unprecedented access to healthcare information and services and provide doctors with unprecedented outreach to patients. TMI’s personalized ubiquitous customized telehealth services have the potential to drive health care reform across TMI’s footprint, and to transform the future of health care in Egypt, the Middle East and Africa.